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Friends hope to find a home for Teresa

When Teresa Adams purchased her mobile home in 2000 she thought she finally had a home that she could build into her own castle and rebuild her life. Now, the walls of her castle are threatening to cave in and the community has stepped up to help her rebuild her kingdom.

“It’s falling apart,” said Teresa. “It’s my castle and my castle is crumbling.”

Teresa was living in her car with her daughter when she used tax return money to purchase her first home. She had recently left a bad marriage and was trying to build a life for herself and her children for the first time.

“I didn’t know what to do after my divorce, and a lot of women are in that way,” said Teresa.

Excited to have a place to start over, Teresa didn’t know that her castle was structurally unsound. Because she had never made a purchase that big on her own she didn’t know the warning signs to look for..

“I’d never bought a home by myself before,” said Teresa. The first time it rained she discovered why there was a tarp on the roof. Because her daughter was older at the time, Teresa tried to keep her castle dry by keeping the rain out.

“I didn’t worry about how bad it was,” said Teresa. Then Garrett was born and the structure of her home went from being something she could ignore to something that needed to be taken care of. Over the years, friends and co-workers have helped her make small repairs, but now the home is so far deteriorated that there’s no choice but to find a new one.

The ceiling is sinking under the weight of water that sits stagnant on the roof. When it rains the water comes cascading in filling 30 gallon buckets. The floor gives when you walk across it and in Garrett’s room the floor has opened up into large hole.

Toxic black mold is creeping down the walls making the home not only structurally unsound, but unhealthy to live in which has caused even more problems for Teresa and Garrett. Despite this, Teresa has hope that she might have a new castle soon.

“Everybody needs help sometimes,” said Corine Moore, a long time friend of Teresa. Corine and her husband Miles are part of a group that have started a Go Fund Me campaign so they can purchase Teresa a new mobile home.

For years, Teresa’s home has been fixed with bandages, and her friends want to find a final solution rather than another bandage. They want to raise enough money to purchase her a new mobile home and tear down the current one.

Wade Larson built a website to share Teresa’s story and to head up the fundraising effort. As of Friday they have raised $2,229 of their $10,000 goal. Larson said they’ve received on average a donation a day. Wade said that any donation, whether it’s $5 or $500 helps.

“It’s gotta happen,” said Wade who only met Teresa a month ago. Time is of the essence to get Teresa into a safe home. Wade said it needs to happen by the end of November and before heavy snows demolish the home.

Corine describes Teresa as a woman who has always opened her home to others, and is always there to lend a helping hand. For Teresa, accepting help for herself has been difficult.

“It’s embarrassing,” said Teresa. “It’s sad that people know how I live now.”

Even though it’s hard to share her struggles with the world Teresa knows that it’s what’s best for her son.

“We’ve gone through a lot in our lives,” said Teresa. “He doesn’t need the stress of having to move.”

Teresa is surprised at the support she’s received from sharing her story and opening up her life through the website and Go Fund Me. Everyday she has been encouraged that life will get better and that a change is on the horizon.

“It just shows that there are awesome people out there,” said Teresa.

If you would like to help Teresa find a new castle or would like to share her story visit www.ahomeforeteresa.org.


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