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Coeur d'Alene bike thefts on the rise

Coeur d'Alene bike thefts on the rise

Crime analysts with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department are reporting bicycle thefts are on the rise this month. Since the beginning of August, police have received 24 reports of stolen bikes. Some have been very expensive while others are valued at under $100. The total estimated loss is just over $23,000.

Bicycles have been more frequently stolen from the northeast and downtown areas of the city, mainly from bike racks, open residential garages, vehicle-mounted racks and recreation areas.

Detectives are working several leads in the investigation and believe multiple thefts may be linked to the same suspects.

“We want our residents and visitors of our city to enjoy their bicycles and not be victims of theft,” said Police Chief Lee White. “Please practice theft prevention tips and call the police department to report any suspicious activity.”


Best Tips for Theft Prevention:

Coeur d'Alene Police investigating bicycle thefts

Coeur d'Alene Police Department Crime Analysts are reporting bicycle thefts are on the rise this month.

Since August 1, 2014, Coeur d'Alene Police have taken 24 reports for stolen bikes. Some of the bicycles are very expensive models, while others were valued at less than $100. The total loss to the victims is $23,105.

The thefts have been occurring mostly from the northwest area of the city and the downtown area.

These thefts are occurring from bike racks, residential garages left open, from the back of vehicles, and recreation areas.

Detectives are working leads into this investigation and think some of the thefts were done by the same suspects.

CdA Kenpo Karate teaches bully prevention to kids

Bullying is an unfortunate reality in most schools across the country. As a parent, if your child is picked on, sometimes you feel completely helpless. At CdA Kenpo Karate, owners Jason and Colleen Johnston don't focus on the bullies - they teach kids how to stand up for themselves and build the confidence to avoid confrontation.

The Johnstons built a life around Kenpo Karate, and they love to share it.

"People a lot of times will associate martial arts and karate and go 'oh, that is fighting,' but it's not fighting, it's self defense," Colleen said. "We have a moral right and obligation to defend ourselves and our friends and our family."

"We got involved when Page was about seven years old, and she is now 14," said Sheri Martin. She has two kids at CdA Kenpo Karate: her son Cole and daughter Page.

"I wanted her to learn self-defense," Martin said. "Patience... it teaches kids patience."

Page just received her junior black belt.

"...Pretty proud moment for both of us," Sheri said. "It was a great accomplishment. She worked really hard for it."

N. Idaho rainbow sculpture underperforming

Northern Idaho officials are chasing a better rainbow after an $110,000 sculpture produced less than colorful results.

The Coeur d'Alene Press reports that the Coeur d'Alene Arts Commission is working with artist Howard Meehan to make the work in McEuen Park not so drab.

Commissioners say Meehan changed his proposal from when he submitted it to when his project was selected.

Instead of using electromagnetic glow wire he used cables and added lights.

Recreation Director Steve Anthony says Meehan was straight forward about the change to the work that is 30 feet high and 60 feet across.

The arts commission says it's underperforming because the lighting on the cables can only be seen up close.

The sculpture is less than a year old.

Community helps contractor get stolen backhoe back

Community helps contractor get stolen backhoe back

With the help of the Coeur d'Alene community Matt Aparicio got his stolen backhoe back and the man suspected of stealing it is in jail.

It's amazing what you can find in a scrap yard; that's one thing Jim Martin likes about hauling scrap for Hern Ironworks. However when he saw backhoe parts he knew this trash had to be someone's treasure.

"I noticed it sitting out of the pile and it looked weird, this thing's got new parts on it, there's no way it's supposed to be in a junk yard," Martin said.

That night Martin heard his wife and daughter talking about the stolen backhoe story they'd seen on KXLY and he immediately knew those parts had to belong to Aparicio's stolen backhoe.

"So he gives me a call and I run out there and meet him and as soon as I look at the parts it's part of my front bucket," Aparicio said.

A few days later the suspected thief, Fred Kudrna, was back at Hern Ironworks to sell more parts.

"That's when Hern's called the cops and that's when they stalled him long enough for them to show up and get him," Aparicio said.

Days later he was able to pick up the rest of his backhoe.

Teens vandalize Post Falls daycare

Teens vandalize Post Falls daycare

Two teen suspects scrawled profanity on the playground and stole toys from the Just For Kids preschool and daycare in Post Falls.

The incident happened at Just For Cares, located on West Cherry Avenue in Post Falls, on August 16. A daycare/preschool wouldn't seem like an obvious target for vandals and thieves but in this case it looks like two teens boys scoped out the playground during the day and then came back later that night to take what they wanted.

Just For Kids has been a place for fun and safety for more than a decade.

"Twenty-one years now. Long time," Owner Dell Williams said.

Williams says every once in a while they see kids and teens playing on equipment after closing but the worst outcome is usually just a mess left behind.

"Lately we've been seeing a lot more night stuff going on so that's why we've installed the new camera system with motion sensors and stuff," Williams said.

That new system caught these two teens after closing when they came in to the play area, rode around on some kids bikes and threw around some basketballs. But then things took a darker turn.

Protesters rally for "Justice for Arfee"

Protesters rally for "Justice for Arfee"

Protesters took over Coeur d'Alene's Sherman Avenue Sunday afternoon following Friday's announcement that the police officer who shot Arfee the dog was not justified.

"The consensus here, and you'll see a lot of signs calling for that, is to fire Officer David Kelly and that's really the thrust of what this was about," Todd, the protest organizer said.

Roughly 200 people met at Java just before noon to march a quarter of a mile to spread their message.

"We're going to walk down all the way to the end of the avenue, turn around and come back and just voice our rights," Kiela Long, a friend of the dog's owner said.

Arfee was killed on July 9 by Coeur d'Alene Police Officer Dave Kelly. The department said that 17-year law enforcement veteran was responding to a report of a suspicious van in the downtown area when the dog lunged from the driver's side window. The department said Kelly thought the 2-year-old black Labrador was a 'vicious pit bull,' so he shot it. The dog's owner, Craig Jones came back to his vehicle to find a bullet hole and a note, but no Arfee.