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Woman discovers 56-year-old loaf of bread, or did she? | Weird

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Woman discovers 56-year-old loaf of bread, or did she?
Woman discovers 56-year-old loaf of bread, or did she?

It was a puzzling moment for Jeanne McDermott on just as she was about to enjoy some Tuesday morning toast. Her recently acquired Franz Old-Fashioned white bread from Lake City Center ruined those plans.

She told the Coeur d'Alene Press that she couldn't believe that the expiration date for the bread said, May 17th, 1955. There it was stamped onto the plastic wrapping in their bold ink.

"I'm sure it's not that old," McDermott said to reporter Bill Buley, Coeur D'Alene Press. "It's a misprint of some type. It's just so weird. It's just like it was printed yesterday."

Franz Bakery has been producing bread for 105 years. The label suggested this loaf of bread was 56-years old.

A representative from Franz Bakery in Spokane Valley says that isn't the case.

"It's military time that we put on our bread for best practices," Don Gai, compliance manager, said.

1955 means the bread was packaged at 7:55 p.m. in military time. They list the time as a best practice.

"If the expiration date said May 17th, that means it was probably produced five days prior," Gai added. He continued, "It was out-dated bread given to a food bank. It's up to the consumer if they want to hold it or freeze it."

The bread was still expired, but it wasn't as old as originally thought. McDermott is still going to toss the bread without any plans of consuming it.


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